All flesh must be eaten

An evening to remember!

Day 1: Wed July 1, 4:30 P.M. St Louis, MO. A normal midweek evening sets in to middle America. Most people are busy with the normal hustle and bustle of rush hour traffic. Many are planning a big 4th of July celebration due to it falling on a Saturday this year.Jason plays baseball with some city kids in a park that was built as part of the urban reclamation act. He come out to play as often as he can and will stay until it’s too dark to see.The local kids call him Crusher because he can hit any pitch and hit it far. They see him as somewhat of a big brother.

At a nearby hospital Dr Lisa Goodwin downs another cup of coffee in the middle of her double shift. She is looking forward to 6:00 am and the quiet drive home. All and all it’s been a routine day at the hospital, a few minor fireworks burns, a fender bender or two and some allergy patients, real monotonous stuff that seemed to make the shift drag out. She wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for the few doctors getting on the vacation list early and one having a “family emergency”. Regardless it was extra money that she could use for whatever new thing came along. Trent was also a doctor who happened to work at the same hospital. That’s how Lisa met Trent a few years earlier at a hospital dinner party. They were now happily engaged.

On the way from the restroom back to the ER Lisa ran into Trent who was heading across town to a little restaurant to grab “lunch” for them, despite the fact that it was after 4:00 they were both used to eating late. I’ll be back in about 10 minutes he said and out he went.

Across town at a bar, Linda St Martin was opening for the evening. The usual old boozers were already waiting outside and greeted her as they had hundreds of times before. “Hows my favorite rocker girl?” Steve asked. “Same as always” she replied. She was the bartender as well as an exceptional guitarist in a band that usually played the same bar. They had even won a battle of the bands there. They were well liked despite the fact that they played punk music. Steve didn’t like punk but he did like looking at Linda. She knew it too, She always got very good tips from him and he never missed a show. He thought he had a chance with her even though he was old enough to be her father.

Bill the other regular who was always a pessimist was spouting his usual BS. “I got a bad feeling about tonight” he said. Its gonna be a full moon ya know! It was nothing new. “you always say that” said Steve. Just put a beer into that open yap of yours, you’re bringing my mood down.

Several blocks to the east at a research facility. A man dressed as a security guard walks into the lab complex and starts shouting that animal cruelty is wrong and that the lab would pay for it’s torture of helpless animals. A lab worker argues with him that this lab has no animals on premise and that they do no such testing. The “security guard” Claims to be a member of PETA and opens his jacket to reveal what looked only a moment ago to be body armor but was clearly a row of C4 blocks. In his left hand was a trigger mechanism. He demanded to be taken to the cages where the animals were kept. The lab worker insisted he must have the wrong place and plead with the man to not do anything irrational.

“Irrational” Said the fake guard “Don’t talk to me about irrational Dr Frankenstein, I’ll show you the error of your ways. I am a messenger of god and PETA I shall undo the wrongs you have committed!!!” And with that he squeezed the trigger. The blast brought the lobby crashing down into the basement labs. Chemicals were strewn about and spilled onto the floor mixing into who knows what. The automatic cleansing system would’ve kicked on but the pipes were damaged in the explosion. From the outside the building took little visible damage, only windows being blown out and the sound of the explosion were evidence of what happened. Most folks not in direct visual contact thought it was a big firework or similar and went on about their business.

A block over glen had just started the evening shift in his cab when a frantic man with blood on his collar flagged him down and demanded to go to the ER and fast! He wondered why if it were such a big deal the man didn’t call an ambulance but he stopped caring when the fare gave him a hundred dollar bill and said run lights! They sped off and made it to the hospital in record time.

When Lisa saw Trent covered in blood she couldn’t help but panic just a little. Blood didn’t bother her nor did death but this was her fiancee. “What the hell happened?” she said in a somewhat composed voice? “I had just gotten our food and was passing by a building when it…I think it exploded!” It caught me so off guard that I was going to run in an try to help but I realized that I was injured and bleeding pretty bad so I just came here ASAP. I knew you’d fix me up better than anyone else. I’ll need to be in good shape anyway because if anyone was in there, you’re gonna need me tonight. “Did you call 911 or anything?” She asked. “I left my cell in my lab coat again” he said while chuckling inwardly. “Well at least I know it’s the real you, now lets see about this wound”. Upon examination it seemed to be a relitively small laceration on Trent’s neck that didn’t penetrate the artery. “I don’t have to tell you how lucky you are” she said as she removed a shard of glass from the area and cleaned and bandaged it. Trent didn’t wince even though it hurt, he always tried to act tougher that he really was.

Back at the lab a half dozen black vans pulled up and roped off the lab and surrounding block. Men in black “moon suits” shuffled out and made their way into the lab building. They carried a neutralizing foam that was supposed to neutralize any chemicals in current production. How were they to know this lab was onto something new. They made their way inside and down to the basement levels through the rubble. The came upon a man in a lab coat laying on the floor. ” I think he’s alive said one team member. Get him to the hospital now! Some of the team split and removed the scientist, the rest continued on their mission. One took lab 1, another lab 2 and so on. There were 3 labs on each side of the corridor and a man for each lab. Every one in the suits had communication radios and heart monitors built into ther suits so if something went wrong they would know who needed help if the person couldn’t call for it. As the men moved through the labs someones heart monitor flatlined. It was in lab 3. The men in labs 1 and 2 rushed to lab 3 and looked in. They couldn’t see anything through the thick smoke and fog. In this situation it was routine to used the lifeline, A piece of chemical resistant cord attached to each suit. The team pulled on the lifeline and drug out their fallen comrade. As he slid across the floor and into view he left a trail of melted black rubber and bloody flesh. One nearby team member vomited into his suit upon seeing his buddy in this state. Whatever the chemicals were in lab 3 had burned the suit and melted it to his flesh and then melted the flesh too, which now looked like a bloody kitchen sponge.

Once the team had their fallen upstairs and into a private ambulance the sped off to the local hospital. The call came in only minutes before the ambulance arrived. The doors of the ER burst open and in came the melted man and moonsuit 1 and 2 as well as the scientist. “What’s the situation” asked Dr Goodwin. “Labratory explosion, unknown chemicals involved” Replied the EMT. “We got his heart restarted enroute but it’s irregular” The EMT crew attempted to cut the suit off but was unsuccessfull, as it was too fused to what was left of his skin. Lisa looked to moonsuit 1&2 and asked if they had any info to help the situation. They both told her the same thing about the lab and room 3. I’ll have more questions for you two later” and with that she ran after the ER staff. The melted man was put into a private room and they attempted to stabilize him. The scientist was put in another room and Dr Goodwin visited him once she had the melted man stabilized. The scientist appeared to have none of the same injuries that the melted man had. He continued to fall in and out of consciousness over the next hour or so.

Dr goodwin asked him during what would be his last awake moments what had happened in that lab. In a string of incomprehendable babble she made out three things. “Tolotrozine, polydichloride euthimol, and never mix them. Upon saying that the scientist flatlined and was unable to be revived. Once things had settled from that mess, and Goowin got a moment she returned to the ER lobby just in time to see two black vans speed away. She looked around and saw no signs of moonsuit 1 and 2. “Fantastic” she said outloud.

Goodwin promptly put melted mans room on full quarrintine. and had a security guard posted at the door. She was just leaving the room again when she got a page from the mortician which read “Come see me I have someting to show you! She rolled her eyes and went down to the morgue. When she arrived, the mortician, A short man with white hair and glasses eagerly welcomed her. “Come in come in” he said “my slab is your slab” he said and chuckled. He really looked like a mad scientist from a movie. “Why am I here?” Goodwin demanded “I’m very busy tonight”. “Well this pertains to one of your patients or should I say former patients. You see a man from a lab was brought in earlier and he was put on this very table. “So what” Blurted Goodwin. “I’m getting to that part, my my my the living are always in such a hurry. I left for a minute to grab lunch and when I returned our friend was gone. I naturally assumed another mortician was playing me for a fool but there is no one else here tonight. I searched high and low and found nothing. I thought it a bit odd so I called you.


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